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This page contains a compilation, by authors, of humorous and funny posts from wotmania site. This page was made beause it's difficult to browse the older threads searching for good stuff, and I didn't want in to get lost. Author names are represented by their respective nicks on wotmania. Without much further ado, let's get onto good stuff.


WoT Computer Viruses

Moridin reports to the Great Lord, part 4

Answer to "There is no rock so strong that water and wind cannot wear...

Sample chapters from AMOL


Explaining Egwene

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Will there ever be fighting among the Tinkers?

RJ vs. GRRM - Sex

Chuck Norris visited the World of WoT

Guns replace the One Power: the sequel


The Epic Saga of the Chosen One. Part 1

The Epic Saga of the Chosen One. Part 2

The Epic Saga of the Chosen One. Part 3

The Epic Saga of the Chosen One. Part 4


Ash'aman Formally Declines Offer to Join the Shadow

Dark One Expresses Desire to Walk in the Light, Brings Back Dead



Random ramblings

Funny rejected WoT Quote submissions

WoTized Classics, Third Edition

A Faile/Egwene post unlike any other

Mat Bloody Cauthon

Error, cannot compute

The instant answer! Balefire!

Why the Creator really doesn't help


MJJ Sedai

You might be a Randland Redneck

And speaking of Barbie, Ken, and the WoT



James Lipton interviews the Dark One

A Tour of the 3rd Age History Museum

The WoT Christmas Party

Darkfriend Recruitment Office

Narg's adventures through the portal stone

The Further Adventures of Narg

WoT Customer Support

Dragon Selection Process

A summary of KoD: Prologue & Chapter 1

KoD Abridged Edition: Chapters 2-4

KoD Abridged: Chapters 10-12 (revised)

A summary of KoD: Chapters 15-18

A summary of KoD: Chapters 27-30

KoD Abridged Edition; Chapters 31 and 36

By the process of elimination...

AMoL Ch. 2: Confrontation

A Memory of Light Ch. 3: The Hit

A Memory of Light Ch. 4: The Boat Chapter

AMoL Ch. 12: Into the Tower

AMoL Ch. 15: Deception

AMoL Ch. 16: Rescue

A Memory of Light Ch. 16: Alone

AMoL Chapter 23: Misunderstandings

AMoL Ch. 29: How Mat to the Tower of Ghenjei Came

AMoL: Ch. 45: A Special Occasion

AMoL Ch. 55: The Tower Falls

AMoL Chapter 71: Destiny

AMoL Chapter 151: Whatever happened to Padan Fain?

The Dark One's rude awakening

Behold the Dragon

Writings from WOT

Stalking the old fashioned way


Rand's Personal Diary

Egwene's Personal Diary

Lan's Personal Diary

Mat's Personal Diary

Rejected Swordforms

The Creation of the White Tower

KoD spoilers - A conversation Mat and Tuon really need to have

WoTtalk! -- The first and only Wheel of Time talk show!

The Real WoT Awards Pseudo pstyle

Rejected Scenes

If George R.R. Martin wrote WoT

rAndy aL

Parody of KoD - Chapters 13 - 19 Parody of KoD - Chapters 1-3 Parody of KoD - Prologue


Moridin reports to the Great Lord, part 4

Demandred is posing as ... Olver

A conversation between beastly spies for the Shadow

Moridin awakes in the Pit of Doom...

Moridin reports on Sammael's death...

Moridin reports on the Cleansing

Mat needs Healing, after the Last Battle...


Sample chapters from AMOL

The Fateful Concorde

The Wheel weaves

The Forsaken play games

The Forsaken have sex

What really happened when Semirhage tried to capture Rand

Pranks for young male Aes Sedai

Short chat between Aran'gar and Delana

War of Power - modern Age Forsaken meeting

People against the Overuse and Abuse of Angreal and other Power objects

Wotmaniac cults

Some Wheel of Time sayings

Demandred's trial

Forsaken tea party : CoT

"Choices" revisited

Forsaken tea party : post-KoD

The penalty of Deathgates

The Matrix meets WoT

The Matrix meets WoT part 2

Missing scenes from the Cleansing of Saidin

Some Forsaken battles

Interrogating Semirhage

Lews Therin and his cabinet

War of Power scenes you never saw

The Trollocs attack

Black Ajah gathering

Early moments in the Pit of Doom

The Major Talents

The vast array of torture

The Tower in a thousand years

The Forsaken aren't evil... just fed up

Nynaeve tries to join other great quests

Cadsuane disciplines the Multiverse

Tour of the Bore

Why the Shadow will be useless at Tarmon Gai'don

Why Mesaana was in charge of Shadow Education

Non-channelers who have changed the face of Battle

Moiraine's draft letters

Aes Sedai High School

The torments of a Stasis Box

The backwards WoT

Newspaper clippings from the War of Power

Min and her Uses

Guns replace the One Power

Randland enters the world of William Wallace

Jordan drafts... the early days

Final battles through the Ages

Other authors

RJ encounters wotmaniacs in chatroom by CleanToe

The Muppets Take Andor 8 by Comet Sedai

Top Ten Reasons to be a Borderlander by Demosthenes ...

Queen Bimbo by DomA and  Shishka

What Dug think of Quotes by Dug the Trolloc

Secret AMOL Scene-Revealed! Osan'gar's Return! by Fireweaver

Scenes that won't make it into aMoL by Galad the Spiffy-Neat

The Confrontation in aMoL - Inspired by a classic by HousealThor

Comforting by NaClH2O

The Shienarian temperature scale by Narg


Semirhage discussing her plan with Demandred beforehand by Shannow

Breaking News: Five Year Old Wolf Accused of Murder by Yondaime


WoT Computer Viruses

Answer to "There is no rock so strong that water and wind cannot wear..." 13/09/2008

Rejected Quick Poll Questions 15/02/2008

Dysfunction, Wot style

Ligtbulb jokes - updated 30/1/2008

Mastercard commericals for the WoT

Shortest books in Tover's library (with addition of longest) - updated 30/1/2008

WoT characters: Where are they now?

WoT dating videos

Last lines and pickup lines - updated 30/1/2008

Break-Up Lines for WoT - updated 30/1/2008

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